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God of Calamity
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God of Calamity I will always be a Kristoff Krane fan, discovered him through Eyedea (RIP) and i'm glad i did. Smarter and more talented than 95% of rappers nowadays, he's a gem and a great listen. Favorite track: Dr. iLL (Freewrite + Verse Mix).
Rob Simpson
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Rob Simpson Hip Hop mix-tapes are something of an art. Kristoff has nailed it here, a perfect capsule of the amazingly talented guys' work. Big love to the freestyle tracks, Dr. iLL (totally). Favorite track: Dr. iLL (Freewrite + Verse Mix).
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"Mixxy 4" is the last installment of the "MIxxy Collection".


released March 6, 2013



all rights reserved


KRISTOFF KRANE Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. In addition to his solo releases, Krane was also frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Kairos is his new two-part album with music by Graham O'Brien. Part one will be released on July 11, 2017 via F I X. ... more

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Track Name: Dr. iLL (Freewrite + Verse Mix)

Have you ever seen a human body completely decay as a result of antibiotics preservatives and methanphedamines—tephlan in the pots and pans—drywall---candle dripping scent—Toxi wav—Food dye to the media—paint thinner beauty pangent—Hollywood---billboard—cellphone radio wave goodbye to the family farm--say hello to one big red barn---Potholes in your eyes—clouds in your head—and theres one clear channel you can watch till your dead---Wifi signals lookin great-while the birds and the bees—forget to migrate. Now-Tell me tell me Tell me how do you feel. With your hands on the wheel your about to steal. I said-—tell me tell me tell me what you want—when your needs are met but you don't know your lost....So you keep on tossin and turning—in your sleep trying to figure out why keep nurturing the sheep....when your motives are red and your heart is a bull—and the only time you pet em is when your runnin out of whool...please--.you want to stop the pendelum, but you feel like you can't right now—Cuz the big bad wolfs is on the run and you feel like a cat right now....Better yet you don't know where you're at right now---you sortta like a brain in a big black vat right now with a map that heads right back to the trap in the past where we passed right out. Eh—in a big black cave—where the name of the game is conditioning—and a board of committee states that this is okay----wonder why you feel shitty—its Christmas EH.

I--wonder what they say about me when Im not around.
rain tastes—the--dirt -thunder ate the--clouds.
Pleasure made hurt--mother made a child
Running wild at first ---make her proud----settle down---

Suffocate the---smile with a box of choke--- too many options—lead to escape---now-float---—waiting if I may cope—perhaps---the right---time is now---well—I tried to count how many times—time out really pryed my doubt- to admit slipped—I climbed right out----yes--I did
HI Im---the king of the world with the High---I found—yeah---I've lost my faith---But Im fine right now---loss----is a safe way home- so I wait---say no---if I happen to hit rock bottom—Ill lie to your face—to remain faithful to the sky- that I make hang low

[Lyrics from "Freedumb"- http://kristoffkrane.bandcamp.com/tra...]

In the beginning I could have been loved
But instead I was judged
For then man I've become
Ran and I run. Laugh and I hug
Live under pressure, but never give up

Huff and I puff, but never enough
To enter the center of that what I know
Is holding me down, so open me now
Dig me a whole and follow me down

One for the angle, one for the slide
Two for the window, one for the lie
Three for the overwhelming and deforming as morning awakes and I open my eyes and
I hope I survive and I know that I will
'Cause I grow everytime that I focus on dying
As long as I make it right over this hill
There'll be more time for me to start climbing

Planet flat, living in the edge
Guess it's not the end of the world but I dig that hole
Like a miserable criminal stuck in a prison cell
It'll be difficult finding a window
if I keep believing that I am so little
special, full of potential
every peddle that I pluck,
she loves me Yeah

The summers are getting hotter, the winters are getting colder
The Internet's taking over and it's time to set sail
FEMA camps, 9/11, obsession with materialism
Shit in the food, television, chem-trails
Who isn't aware? cuz if you are't you're scared to admit
We're living in a prison so let's set bail
I met a 70-year-old woman in Ohio
Who know all about it, it was reassuring, exhale
Now take a deep breath, eject secrets
Be the next creature to adapt -- be well
We fell like a phoenix when we were meant to rise
Up from the ashes but didn't listen to the seashells
Be careful when you're high as hell cause heaven's running low
Prepare for the final blow, I hope your eyes are open.

Its a cold world when you poppin pills on the top of the hill where the doctor is ill heres monsters to kill.God isn't real- How do I feel How do you feel. How do we feel -How does it feel. Getting it out. Thats how we heal. Holding it tight Opening up--- letting it go.


Track Name: Paul Still Loves His Daughter (Remix)
TWW4N: Paul Still Loves His Daughter

He said that when he dies
He wants me to flip him over
Pull the gravel from his eyes
And tell the family he was sober.
I said I couldn’t lie
But I pretend I didn’t know about the fact that it was planned
At my home the night before
He jumped off the Smith bridge or at least that was his threat
So I told him that if he wanted to fly
Why not off a big mountain?

It distracted him for long enough
That he doubted his plan of offing off himself
And so he asked me for a beer instead.
We cheered to that control
Of how he escaped his own death
Of how no one can tell him whether or not he is bi-polar,
Or an alcoholic, drug addict, or maybe just a man
Who is sad because he had a daughter who died in a crash one summer.

He was scared to tell his parents because they were Catholic.
He thought that they would judge him for the wrong that he had did.
He was scared to tell his parents cuz he thought they wouldn’t understand
Colorado 1992, loves sick !

So in search of meaning and a grand purpose to live he joined the American army
Where they train you how to kill
He learned of how they failed to mention that there may also be means
To getting hooked on shooting things
Like methanphetamines at will

He returned with money and some bad habits he couldn’t break
He fell in love and shoved the past so far under
Overwhelmed with things that placed him in a trap
And when he got home he found out that the one he loved had stole all the cash

So he had to wire money
That he borrowed from his mother
To take her off life support
Paul still loves his daughter (2x)

Oh paul still loves his daughter
Cuz just the other day
He began to cry
And tried to look the other way
And say that it must be the weather
Or the mental illness that he has
I listened the best that I could
Paul still loves his daughter.

He said that when he dies
He wants me to flip him over
Pull the gravel from the eyes
And tell the family he’s in heaven .

I asked him if he’s sure that heavens real
He said he didn't know
So I asked him if he thought his plan was a bit risky
He said he didn’t care
Because there wasn’t a chance in the world
For him to remain happy for longer than 30 seconds
I said I can’t imagine how it feels to feel so hopeless
How I hoped that he could sense that someone he loved cared for him.

Oh Paul still loves his daughter (4x)
I pulled the gravel from his eyes and told the family he's okay.