Blank Slate

under water / blue flames / swimming in smoke

to a cave with a fistful of crystals

dead center in the making of minerals

never been broke, so tell me what's the fix for?

send em home kindly then -

race to the throne / all praise / give that a go

fangs to the throat / less angst / more animal

2x cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

give that a go

wiped clean


I got shocked when a force unseen starting breeding tornados in me

copped a degree how to speak softly and unlearned how they taught me to be


mimic the mantra, or make up a new one

passed the background check with flying colors

I got nothing to offer your alter

but a statue made of water

sniffing out the lies, biting off the collar / color

dancing with the naked truth

break rules, I can taste the fruit

they hang low, a little late to bloom / I came to

false idols sang tunes but they never rang true


falla' falla' sleep

follow follow sheep

follow sheep

falla' falla' sleep

follow follow me

shake me / help me stay awake

I'm face to face with this gate-less gate

it keeps changing shape

I gotta razor blade dangling by a thread on the cutting edge

try ta' try ta'

try to put me in a box

like a frog in a pot slowly boiling to the top

since before I was born bread ready for the war

conform to the norm or swarm with the flock


between a rock and a soft spot

kept quiet, hit the brakes, screeched to a stop

high beams flicker in a dark space infinite

fetal tides murmur the pulsing rhythm of life

guiding hand slaps me back moment I collapse

some sort of solution / illusion / set trap

one more time till the sunsets rising

on the other side of the horizon / perfect timing

cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

wiped clean

yeah, it's the golden age

your going out your mind

well I'm coming out face

cuz' I'm running otta' mask

and we're running otta' stage

started at the finish line,

so I wouldn't wanna race / I committed

saw the apple tree and I bit it

dropped down / down on my knees, I admit it

came guilt free to the stream, jumped in it

the act so vivid / the hero is mythic

forever listen to the 'long-lost' yet never forgot songs that spin em in a knot

killin’ em' slow / feeling the moan / steady chipping the block

a heavy load / splitting image of god / the glows neon

hot sucking air from the steam to flow free on

A big blank slate I can lay both feet on

diving / deep through a hole known freedom

skies shake out of their bones, the souls beyond

ships that we're building

gold frame and the strength of a raindrop

full fledge in the midst of a whirlwind

sway while its swirling sink in the chaos

cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

send ‘em home send ‘em home blank

send ‘em home send ‘em home blank

found a new wave to serf

hazy / faded / and the days a blur

promise not to fall dead in the face of rebirth

they try to cage the unknown in which the mystery lurks

I might…

start to fight

always been a little more dark than light

stones to grind / sparks ill fly

always had a little more heart than mind

cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

wiped clean


from Kairos - Part One, released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


KRISTOFF KRANE Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. In addition to his solo releases, Krane was also frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Kairos is his new two-part album with music by Graham O'Brien. Part one will be released on July 11, 2017 via F I X. ... more

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