Pearl f. Jeremy Ylvisaker

from by kristoff krane, graham o'brien




cosmos is blinking in octaves

a million invisible hands

inserting a pearl egg into my pineal gland socket

theres no room to expand

her and I are the fire and water

we balance each other to live

creator, she gave us a daughter

a son will soon rise once again

made a vow / it's death to old sin

shed skin in the face of space for pure light

take a bow / right there where the overdose lives

closed quarters / no corners / the circle is airtight

get it back / yea

see what you can do to get it back

our paths intersect on impact

got whiplash, when lighting strikes in the pitch black

and I'm dripping sweat / you kiss my neck / that's witchcraft

make an offering with this crystal glass / over this edge

what can I give back?

fingers crossed

hands folded

swirling up in smoke.

on the other side

there are higher worlds below

so I stay cunning in this conundrum

I might get summoned by the demons I come from

a kingdom higher than our sun in the sky way up

think about that flame, we call it love that burns inside of us

I'm climbing upthis holy mountain side high as fuck

with ivory tusks, ground up in a shiny cup

both eyes are shut / I see it clear I find the top

renew the universal mind before my time is up

plant intelligence super human

the elephant in the womb

the skeletons fill their heavens

the poison inside their fruit

the choices we make are destined

the noises we make are proof

power structures crumble in silence

right under a summer moon

technology is our father

our mothers a lovers bruise

they're under the same roof

but sleeping in different rooms

the thunder it rang true

uncover what they knew

felt it inside my heart

when it fluttered I came to

make tombs heya

4x Yahweh

never made a bed, so I don't sleep

in it so deep with both feet

naked, swimming in this old sea

that slow burn / that old heat

we need fish / getting seasick

throwing heavy nets in the deep end

sweeping up ashes of phoenix

where I see F I X

hangin' on a cross like Jesus

from three, six to nine golden pieces of trinity

history / imagery / pulling me apart like a pillory

I move through the dust like millipede

I cut headslike a guillotine

I numb flesh like killer B

sunset don'tfeel a thing

horizon line no I ain't lying

don't get stung / its so sweet

pinprick/ it's oozing / moving through the crack of that split tounge

that old one

that no one

that's all one

thats all alone

thats all knowing

when it comes down

to the unknown sun

hung in the sky way up

soon as I touched her womb

and felt her move inside of us

fingers crossed

hands folded

swirling up in smoke.

on the other side

there are higher worlds below

I’m so grateful for the camp I'm in

protected from these savages

phantoms with pathogens

angels in my shadows head

running through these passages of dream worlds

it’s habit or practice

blue caps and some stems with some vines and some cactus

trying to see with you in the moment

might turn the concrete to roses

light beams from the highest up

our true design is unified

theres no dividing us


find a better way to pray to prey

we are the double edge blade only god could touch

move in color like a cuddle fish / body plus

consciousness wound tight / call me pyschonaut

diamond cut / straight through lies when I am ONE.

I got my wife and baby daughter to remind me of

sooner or later I’ll be ground to the finest dust

and I know that’s a part of life so I’ma die in love.

then we found another way to pray to prey to pray


from Kairos - Part One, released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


KRISTOFF KRANE Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. In addition to his solo releases, Krane was also frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Kairos is his new two-part album with music by Graham O'Brien. Part one will be released on July 11, 2017 via F I X. ... more

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