Prey for Paralysis

by Sadistik & KRISTOFF KRANE

(free) 02:57


"Higher Brain" video:


released November 22, 2011

Produced by Graham O'Brien
Vocals: Cody Foster (Sadistik) & Christopher M. Keller (Kristoff Krane)
Drums: Graham O'Brien
Bass: Casey O'Brien
Guitars: Robert Mulrennan, Matt Leavitt & Drew Krag
Additional vocals on Hunter's Prey: Big Bruce
Album Artwork & Design: Louis N. Lapierre

Mixed by Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studios
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Magneto Mastering
Additional engineering by Adam Krinsky, Brian Susko, Graham O'Brien & Sadistik.



all rights reserved


KRISTOFF KRANE Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. In addition to his solo releases, Krane was also frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Kairos is his new two-part album with music by Graham O'Brien. Part one will be released on July 11, 2017 via F I X. ... more

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Track Name: Pyramid Song
P4P - Pyramid Song

[Sadistik Verse]

[Kristoff Krane]

From a ripple to a swelling tide that finally broke it's crest
The shore is slowly moving towards the compass in my chest
One sun, watch it run laps around my head
Until I love myself enough, I'm dead.

You're yelling at me through a 3D hologram
Touch screen power button, suck me dry, plug me in
Mother suffers when we cut her with our bloody hands
All because we learned to stand above instead of understand
One day I'ma be an old man
I'll know how to hold hands,
Romance, slow dance
No program shall control this moment I'm so in focus
Hold it, all in together now
So sick we can taste what the cure is
Broken are the memories of heaven
How can we escape the sin when the ape is raping our spirit

Chained, to the pyramids

Common Six -senselessness Listen

You won't do anything but claim to save the planet you're on
I won't do anything but say that everything has been done,
You won't do anything til every living conflict is won,
Slave to the pedigree they left for me
Chained to the pyramids.
Track Name: Bad Timing
P4P - Bad Timing

[Kristoff Krane]

Without a doubt in my mind, in the blink of an eye
The world as we know it will become blind
All the seas will go dry, all the creatures will die
All the trees will topple over and us humans will cry
We'll Look up at the sky and repeat the word 'why'
And deep down in our hearts we will plead for our lives

And there's one angel in the breeze
She sends me messages when my antenna's able to receive
Every single choice I make affects the way she dreams
So I try my best to be awake and know when she goes to sleep
Cuz to me we're a team, kill the king
Feel the queen, self esteem builds in me until I see the guillotine
Yeah I guess it's time to kneel, if heaven is a lesson I can learn how to steal
And if death is imperfection
Then my head is just a weapon
And my weaver has no web and
My net is filled with holes.


[Kristoff Krane]
I think that I'm dead, there's a kink in my neck
I'm just sinking in sand so I sing like a kid
The pacific northwest I go hunting for rocks
Till the knots in my head slowly work themselves out
(I escape) with my friends (I create) with my friends
(I debate) with my friends (and I change) with my friends
'Til the day comes where I say goodbye to my friends...
Bad timing.
Track Name: Higher Brain
P4P - Higher Brain

[Sadistik Verse]

[Kristoff Krane]

The summers are getting hotter, the winters are getting colder
The Internet’s taking over and it’s time to set sail
FEMA camps, 9/11, obsession with materialism
Shit in the food, television, chem-trails
Who isn’t aware? cuz if you are't you're scared to admit
We’re living in a prison so let’s set bail
I met a 70-year-old woman in Ohio
Who know all about it, it was reassuring, exhale
Now take a deep breath, eject secrets
Be the next creature to adapt – be well
We fell like a phoenix when we were meant to rise
Up from the ashes but didn’t listen to the seashells

Be careful when you’re high as hell cause heaven’s running low
Prepare for the final blow, I hope your eyes are open.

Opiate of the masses leaking all over, take it or leave, treat it like you need it
Doubt it or believe it tip your big head back over my shoulder
Open up your little mouth and eat it eat it
Trying to tell me the only way for me to beat it
Was to be it but now I see, I’m sick of being seasick
So I stick with the scenic route, I mean it now like a teenage smile.

And my higher brain is looking down on me
I can look at my reflection and still hide my face
There’s an opening but there’s no dopamine,
It’s just my higher brain looking down on me.
Track Name: Freedumb
P4P- Freedumb

[Kristoff Krane]

I feel alone and depressed, I miss my best friend
My wife's a thousand miles from home, the road I'm on's a dead end and
So I light a smoke choke and shove my fat grin with a bag of preservatives 'til I purge in a napkin...
In the back of a van with no backup plan
Just some lower back pain from holding up this avalanche

If I had the chance to change I probably wouldn't take it
I prefer the benefits of learning how to communicate it
I miss the Mrs. so much, I hold a picture of her
To bridge the gap between her touch and my vision of us.
If it wasn't for your love I couldn't trust the rush of endorphins
So thanks for reminding me about what's important.


Track Name: Kingdom Come
P4P - Kingdom Come

[Kristoff Krane]
It's one (x9)
Big misunderstanding love the lamb the lions will fall

In love with me when they draw the line that I've been trying to call.

[Kristoff Krane]
No-one ever picks up they just kick dust in my eyes and I crawl

On my hands and knees I can't defeat this constant violent impulse

[Kristoff Krane]
And pushes me into each corner till the ceiling implodes

My gun pull this trigger happy go lucky devil I know

[Kristoff Krane]
Nobody is clear enough to stop and smell the petals that grow

Grow up to clock people walking with only metal for bones

[Kristoff Krane]
Hold you like a pet who gets away the day it's left in the cold

Dogs never learn new tricks they sit and they just do what they're told

[Kristoff Krane]
Their tails they tuck between their legs and face the truth they were sold

I can feel my sanity, it's cracking at the seams
And if i listen close enough it sounds like chattering of teeth, teeth, teeth.

[Kristoff Krane]
And when I look into the family tree I see Adam and Eve
And how before they ate the apple of my eye and we all were free, free, free.

Cats walking off a cliff I hope I'm landing on my feet
So we can get nightmarried while you're still laughing at my dreams ha ha ha

[Kristoff Krane]
And while you're getting lost I'm finding reasons to believe
In the decisions that I make when looking at what's best for me

No no no I am not a man I am a part of a machine
That has been trying all I can to hide the monster underneath

[Kristoff Krane]
It's no doubt that we are doing somersaults inside the ego
Where the prince will cut himself to achieve instant belief, we know

People always try to get the damsel in distress
So they can clean the mess and try to get the damsel to de-stress

[Kristoff Krane]
But if I base all my success on someone else's sense of happiness
I'm bound to forget to smile and hit the ground as hard as them.
Track Name: Stupor Star
P4P - Stupor Star


[Kristoff Krane]

Who the fuck you think you are walking like a superstar
Past life burnt out - this is where the future starts
Pseudo art will no longer be sold at the supermarket
Due to finding poison like the blood that flows through Lucifer
Who you are, just a blemish, claiming you're a beauty mark
My territory like Medusa - eight snakes through your heart, (yeah),
I mean the snakes ate through your heart
Soft spots exposed every time you try to prove you're hard.

Shouts out to Ordeal, Bodi, Strange Famous Records, Ceschi, Fake Four, Illogic, Micheal Larsen, Crushkill Recordings, No Bird Sing, Carnage, Zac HB, Kill the Vultures, Guitar Party, Freestyle Fellowship, Fill in the Breaks, Irenic and Guante.
Track Name: Hunter's Prey
P4P - Hunters Prey

[Kristoff Krane]
It's a hollow feast when the hunted prey (x4)
Follow me when you run away (x4)

And I cannot control the ways and way that I was made
When I am weathered from the weather that's been chasing me away
And I have prayed and I have heard all of the words that have been said
They have been played inside my head and tried to keep my mind awake. (2x)

I consume (x40+)
(How far, how far, how far does this reach?)

How far does this mandible reach with the flesh from my friends in these cannibal teeth,
That I chew and swallow the few who choose to follow me
It's a human model this is just what animals eat.
(Let's feast)
Until the end of our days you make the toast I'd forget what to say
Pursue when I'm close to the scent of the prey
Before my circle of friends gets me bent out of shape.

This is what I'm running from, this is what I'm running from
Hitting on the queen if it means I'm reaching 21
(I'm thunderstruck) Kiss of death (You can pucker up)
Just because I'm feeling down doesn't mean that something's up

[Kristoff Krane/Sadistik]

I consume, I consume 'til I'm ruined and blue in the face
No more room the cocoon is so new (get used to the taste)
I feel so incomplete I heal until I feel the need
To bleed all over you so we can (bloom in the fumes of our waste)
Just because you cannot (see it) doesn't mean it isn't (there)
Justice never stands for (freedom) when it costs to play it (fair)

So this one goes to all the (voices) in my head and all the (choices)
I regret and all the (poisons) I ingest aware
Of the trapdoor so I stare into the glass
Step over the tracks I left before I cared about the past
I'd rather share what's on my plate and cut it in half
Than shove my black hole with all the pieces till I pass (out).